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Nylas Cloud Calendar API helps the developers with features such as scheduling and reminders. Calendarific API helps the developers to add different public holidays to the app. There are other calendar APIs also available to create a brilliant calendar app.

create a calendar app

Provide autonomywithout security risk by creating custom calendar access for each individual and group. Drag the event to the time you need to move it to and release it when it’s at the correct time. Tap on the event you’d like to calculate a travel time for . Tap on Delete Event one more time when it pops up to confirm the deletion. If it’s a repeating event, you’ll have to decide whether you want to Delete This Event Only or Delete All Future Events.

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Meetings because you didn’t factor in that you were traveling. Trying to book a meeting with multiple people is no problem. You can easily tag all the people you want to invite and it will only show you the times that work for everyone. A calendar app shouldn’t take hours to figure out how to download and start using. Instead, it should offer the fewest clicks and scrolls possible as well as simple navigation and clean interface.

create a calendar app

This is where you’ll put the information relating to any entries in the calendar. Please use, generate link and share the link here. Finding a proven way for how to come up with an app idea is hard. We have a strategy via which anyone can build-on app ideas for any marketplace.

The app features intuitive ways to create new events, schedules, and alerts. Should you need the big picture for a specific month, the app offers multiple views, while edits made offline get synced the next time you connect via Wi-Fi. You can set recurring events, custom alerts, and invite others to events and tasks. New versions feature iPad widgets for events and tasks so you have not only today’s events, but also the month view, time, and even weather at a glance on your Home Screen.


This is how others can click on the link to attend a meeting with you. Many people select Google Calendar for handling their events. Google made comprehensive documentation on the ways of applying the calendar to your app.

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  • Why not design a personalized calendar and a photo collage for yourself?
  • A trained designer can produce an engaging interface with straightforward and easy navigation.
  • An incredible calendar app offers customized formats, colors, task management tools, and more.
  • Here we will highlight some of the best calendar apps for design inspiration keeping three main factors in mind i.e.

To certain users, this could be perfect because it offers plenty of context for the upcoming days and shows a snapshot of the entire month. However, some users may not enjoy all this information on the screen which may suggest that thorough user research into users’ mental models is crucial here. This article shows how to create an android application for displaying the Calendar using CalendarView. It also provides the selection of the current date and displaying the date.

To attach a document to your event, click on your event block from the calendar view and select the pencil icon to edit the event, as shown below. For HubSpot customers, you can use Zapier to set up some pretty nifty workflows, such as creating a social media message every time an event starts. Check out this page for more on how you can set up that integration, as well as some ideas for ways you can integrate the two. «Find a time» is the other way to quickly find a time that works for every guest included on the meeting invitation. To use this feature, choose the tab next to «Event details» called «Find a time,» and you’ll see everyone’s schedules side-by-side for the day of your intended meeting.


The online streaming platforms allow users to watch out the live interviews, scheduled broadcasts, chat shows, and many more. An in-app calendar is a primary feature of every app solution. However, it’s not easy to integrate an app as you think. Many applications don’t offer the in-built calendar feature. But, many industries could leverage the feature and empower the app. After that, we’ll need to display another popup that enables users to check the content of a particular event.

create a calendar app

Users start on a week-long free trial but move to a $1.99 a month membership to keep using the calendar. Morgen is a calendar management tool that lets you consolidate events from various calendars and tools into one place. You can even filter and toggle between calendars with the app so that you can focus only on tasks by project or area of your life. Of course, you can also hone in on the day view, weekly view, or month view of your calendar. The app keeps reminders, tasks, calendars, goals, and schedules all in one place.

How To Add And Manage Calendar Events On Iphone And Ipad

This one uses bold orange color in the background, while the bottom part of the screen enjoys a white background. This choice may feel a bit dangerous from a usability point-of-view, but the real text and create a calendar app information will be found at the bottom as opposed to inside the calendar itself. This means that users won’t need to read white text against an orange background, making the background a safe choice.

This way, teammates can easily choose a new event time that won’t interfere with existing calendar events. You can also connect your Google Calendar with productivity apps like Trello, Todoist, and Asana. Many people select Google calendar to manage their programs. Google has created detailed documentation on Android Calendar App Development and how to incorporate the calendar into your app.

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Fill the information according to your requirements and click on the Save at the bottom of the screen. Add someone to your calendar and choose their individual permissions . If any of the above scenarios resonate with you, think about using Google’s Appointment slots. Forget about what you were working on — Google Calendar will suddenly surface its tab with a big pop-up alert coupled with an annoying sound. Not everyone is a 9-to-5 worker, but they might work quite a bit with those who are.

It has a clean calendar display which is viewable in weekly, monthly and daily view. The important schedules on the calendar are highlighted in red to make it easy for you to view. Every schedule or to do item can be exported to CSV file and can be synchronized easily with Google Calendar. It has multiple customizable options and can also be integrated with many other calendars, note-taking apps, and task managers.

From the app’s Home tab, clickCreate event in the top right. In professional writing from Francis Marion University, where she earned the Richard B. Larsen Memorial Award for Business and Technical Writing. She has worked in materials development, media and information technology in the nonprofit sector since 2006. McManaway has also been a writer and editor since 2008. Prioritize daily tasks to save you hours of extra work and burden.

It can be annoying to back and forth between your Google Calendar and your CRM. Instead, dive into your CRM settings to see if there’s an existing integration with Google Calendar. To combat this, just create a new calendar for each part of your life you’d like to keep track of on your Google Calendar. When you first start out on Google Calendar, you’re given one calendar to start with — it’s the one with your name under «My calendars,» as shown in the screenshot below. While a few features in the latest Google Calendar aren’t new, they have changed somewhat.

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Has there been a date or time change for an appointment or event? Has your colleague ever tried to book a time slot with you for a meeting? If you are working part-time or with limited availability, this online calendar is the right solution for booking meetings. To make a calendar app more feature-rich and high-quality, here is the list of features that must be included.

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Access permissions — specifies the visibility of the calendar on the internet. If you click Make available to public, anyone (including Google Search!) can read the calendar. When you click the Settings and sharing option, you move to Google Calendar’s settings screens, with the focus already applied to this specific calendar.

For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog. Why not design a personalized calendar and a photo collage for yourself? With our collection of calendar templates and easy editing tools, you’ll have a perfectly designed, personal calendar in less than a minute.

Best Calendar Apps For Android & Ios In 2021

Have your meetings, tasks, and work routines in one daily schedule, with information pulled from tools you already use like Asana, Trello, Todoist, ClickUp, and others. To find the calendar view, open your app editor by selecting the app you’d like to work on. Getting all of this together shouldn’t take long, and I think it’s really going to help me manage my schedule better.

CMARIX, a Mobile App Development Company Los Angeles, is here to help you to create a calendar app with excellent features. We provide you with all the tools and technologies to make your own calendar app. All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it’s intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category.

Using familiar gestures, you can zoom in on a particular day, skim through upcoming weeks, or tilt the view to see your upcoming tasks way into the future. ZenDay’s fixed option for when a task isn’t tied to a certain part of the day will prioritize your day for you, shifting tasks around the most important, fixed points. While this app is no longer available on iOS, the Android version features an improved widget display and updated 3D engine. CloudCal has a unique way of showing how busy you are on any given day via the Magic Circle system.

Recurring events – often scrums are recurring events where clients want to seek an update on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. Drag and drop events – this creates an ease where you can drag and drop events in different shared groups without adding them manually. To increase security, you can use the devices’ hardware.

The free calendar app is standard on Mac and iOS devices, which means it works on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This free app is available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices and has a desktop version. So let’s break down how to find the best calendar app for whatever life throws at you. Pick the color for your calendar, or click the «+» to add a custom color. This color change will only be visible on your Google Calendar view.

The Executive Briefing created for each event includes contact communication summaries and recent information about them collected from various channels and sites. Not only does this calendar keep you on task, but it also helps you to be more prepared and productive for each event. It’s available for web and mobile use and is compatible with G Suite. The company is currently working on integration capability with Office 365. Lightning Calendar is an app by Thunderbird, an open-source software company.