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But whether investors can benefit from applying this same principle to listed infrastructure might be less obvious, as listed infrastructure equities can at times exhibit bond-like behavior. However, we’ve established that combining equity and fixed income listed infrastructure into a single portfolio can have several potential benefits. To be best placed to set up a successful business, the main challenge is to offer a better service than other players in the market which will attract more clients.

Costs for developing these kind of products can be extortionate and require a great deal of time and commitment in terms of specialised staff. Thus, it makes logical and financial sense to avoid the complexities involved by outsourcing to a specialist provider who can deliver any extra functionality demanded by their clients. Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, METACO brings together a diverse team of software, security, finance and cryptography specialists with close links to the banking, regulatory and academic sectors.

Almqvist brings two decades of exchange and technology leadership experience, formerly as Head of Technology Sales at Aquis Exchange, Senior Business Development Manager at FIS , and UK General Manager at Smarts Group’s London office. Experts A global team of industry-recognized experts contributes incisive and thought-provoking analysis. We offer a large range of products and services to enhance your business operations.

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If you’re looking to set up your own brokerage business, should you choose a FOREX or Crypto-type business? Exberry is part of OM2 Group, the global technology firm with a strong 15 year track record in building Fintech companies with entrepreneurs and partners. Despite the pandemic, our research shows that the number of global infrastructure projects continued to grow in 2020.

  • Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error as well as other factors, however, such information and data is provided «as is» without warranty of any kind.
  • In North America, the sell-side has widely adopted a new multi-asset trading approach originally pioneered five years ago by a few bleeding-edge firms.
  • METACO is the leading provider of security-critical software and infrastructure enabling financial institutions to enter and capitalize on the burgeoning digital asset economy.
  • The benefits of blending debt and equity to diversify a portfolio are well-known, and long ago gave rise to multi-asset investing.
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As the digital asset industry matures, most organizations require optionality to reduce the risk of third-party dependency, seeking to work with multiple vaults, sub-custodians, and liquidity providers. METACO Harmonize delivers the most flexible and secure custody solutions in the market in combination with the secure orchestration of workflows across the entire digital stack. It transforms the complexity of working with multiple self-custody providers, custodians, and other solutions into an end-to-end secure, highly scalable, and agile stack with full distribution of all processes to eliminate any single point of failure.

The back-test calculations are based on the same methodology that was in effect when the index was officially launched. However, back- tested data may reflect the application of the index methodology with the benefit of hindsight, and the historic calculations xcritical app of an index may change from month to month based on revisions to the underlying economic data used in the calculation of the index. Find the solutions you need by accessing our extensive portfolio of information, analytics and expertise.

The modular, cloud-ready structure allows trading and market infrastructure technology to scale easily. From these correlation levels, it’s reasonable to expect that combining equity and debt listed infrastructure into a single portfolio can provide diversification benefits. The IHS Markit Securities Processing solution enables clients to redefine their post-trade technologies and processes to gain a competitive advantage, achieve market differentiation and accelerate business growth. It allows users to replace multiple applications and discrete processes with a cloud platform and integrated post-trade framework that automates and standardizes securities processing across the trade and settlement lifecycle. However, starting a brokerage business involves a great deal of planning, costly financial decisions and development costs, not to mention a host of legal procedures.

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Boston, September 30, 2015 – The explosion in trading venues and increased electronification of markets over the last decade coincides with snowballing regulation of institutional trading and investor demand for performance. In North America, the sell-side has widely adopted a new multi-asset trading approach originally pioneered five years ago by a few bleeding-edge firms. This approach pressures firms’ traditionally siloed trading areas to work together as well as intensifies the need for technology, exchanges, markets, and enlightened regulations to facilitate this type of trading. Medan Gabbay, Quod Financial, Chief Revenue Officer said “The trading technology market has seen consolidation and turmoil in the past 24 months. Sell-side firms are starved for the viable solution to address their current needs as well as position them for the future.

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Careers Join a global business leader that is dedicated to helping businesses make the right decisions. Be a part of a family of professionals who thrive in an exciting work environment. The U.S. sell-side is already progressing to multi-asset trading; European and Asia-Pacific adoption will soon follow.

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As the institutional adoption of digital assets accelerates, banks and financial institutions are hindered by the lack of available institutional-grade infrastructure to fit their needs. To address this need, IHS Markit’s post-trade securities processing platform is integrated with METACO Harmonize, a secure digital asset orchestration system, to provide a single multi-asset platform for financial institutions to securely custody and manage digital assets alongside traditional assets. This integrated platform provides access for institutional clients to a highly scalable, multi-tenant software solution that secures, automates and standardizes the trade, settlement and corporate actions lifecycles. London – 26 January, 2021 — IHS Markit, a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions, today announced a partnership with METACO, the leading provider of security-critical software and infrastructure to Tier 1 banks in the digital asset ecosystem.

Multi Asset Trading Infrastructure

This table also illustrates how the addition of the debt component reduces the volatility and drawdowns of the portfolio, enhancing the defensive properties of a listed infrastructure allocation. Moreover, equity holders can view the addition of a fixed income component as a potential hedge against corporate distress in the event the covenants of the bonds are triggered, and the company has to restructure its capital. This can be particularly important given the high leverage of infrastructure companies.

The partnership delivers best-in-class post-trade securities processing capabilities in digital assets for financial institutions. «We are excited to partner with METACO to provide a unified, integrated solution for the secure orchestration of digital asset workflows and the safekeeping of digital assets along with traditional.» Anticipating the potential of emerging digital assets and demand for alternative secondary market trading opportunities, Exberry’s infrastructure overcomes the limitations of current exchange technology. It also enhances existing exchanges’ capabilities and creates a platform for new digital asset and alternative asset class models. METACO Harmonize enables institutions to securely manage any end-to-end digital asset use cases from cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, smart contract management and decentralized finance .

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Clients are delivered a viable business comprising a sophisticated trading solution with an attractive range of offerings and many features over and above what crypto exchanges can provide. METACO is the leading provider of security-critical software and infrastructure enabling financial institutions to enter and capitalize on the burgeoning digital asset economy. The company is backed by top institutional shareholders and trusted by leading banks, custodians, exchanges and infrastructure providers globally. Exberry’s infrastructure has been specifically developed to help boost exchanges by delivering a blend of exchange and secondary market trading technology and expertise. Built over three years by a team of seasoned exchange technology experts with a proven software engineering heritage, Exberry’s infrastructure delivers exchange capabilities applicable to every asset class and capital markets opportunity. The benefits of blending debt and equity to diversify a portfolio are well-known, and long ago gave rise to multi-asset investing.

Amid the growing interest in cryptocurrency trading, setting up a cryptocurrency brokerage is proving to be an attractive option. If you’re one of the businesses who have considered this possibility, a turnkey solution should definitely be considered. Revenues in the crypto industry can potentially exceed traditional financial instruments many times over and ongoing developments in the crypto-sphere show that demand for these services remains on track to grow even further. Index returns shown may not represent the results of the actual trading of investable assets. All performance presented prior to the index inception date is back-tested performance.

The suite of products and services automates core trading, provides insight into executions, and reuses data to create intelligence. London – Refinitiv has entered into an agreement with Quod Financial to provide a joint multi-asset trading solution for brokers, banks and market makers. This new sell-side OMS solution powered by Quod Financial is available now in Asia, Europe and the US, powered by Refinitiv’s data feed solutions and leveraging Refinitiv’s connections to sell-side and buy-side community. Financial instruments including equity, futures and commodities) to digital assets including tokenized assets, alternative assets, as well as gaming and real estate. Exberry delivers a core matching engine that is light to deploy and easy to integrate into new and existing ecosystems through well-documented APIs and easy to access sandboxes. This is delivered as a “Matching Engine-as-a-Service” concept, allowing clients to reap the full benefits of a cloud-based or on premise solution.

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This is why many companies choose a turnkey solution, leaving them to focus on the running of their business. All information and data contained in this publication is obtained by the LSE Group, from sources believed by it to be accurate and reliable. Because of the possibility of human and mechanical error as well as other factors, however, such information and data is provided «as is» without warranty of any kind. Any representation of historical data accessible through FTSE Russell products is provided for information purposes only and is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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As a complement to our equity infrastructure index series, introduced in 2011. This new fixed income extension is designed as a solution for infrastructure-focused investors looking to diversify and broaden their multi-asset portfolios. If you’re looking to set up your own brokerage business, should you choose Forex or Crypto? Find out more about what each solution offers and what is the best choice for you. Ahead of the launch, Exberry has further strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of Magnus Almqvist as Head of Exchange Development. In this new role, Almqvist will help shape the development and growth of the company, reporting to Erez Zada, CEO of OM2.

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This partnership is strategic for Quod Financial to offer an all-in data, network and OMS product to the market. More importantly, we are working together to provide the next iteration of data-driven trading technology and with it, the greatest leap of the past 30 years in e-trading”. A Forex turnkey solution is an ideal opportunity to start a brokerage business quickly, without significant costs and to on-board the latest technologies in response to client demand. There are even many existing brokers who favour turnkey solutions as in most cases, it is more cost-effective and efficient to buy, rather than develop, new software geared up at persuading existing clients to remain with the broker and for attracting new clients. “Our strategic agreement with Quod Financial very much complements our existing trading strategy.

Online Events During COVID-19, IHS Markit is offering more online events for the safety of our guests. Broaden your knowledge by attending IHS Markit events that feature our subject-matter experts. Obtain the data you need to make the most informed decisions by accessing our extensive portfolio of information, analytics, and expertise. These are based upon a number of assumptions concerning future conditions that ultimately may prove to be inaccurate. Such forward-looking assessments are subject to risks and uncertainties and may be affected by various factors that may cause actual results to differ materially. No member of the LSE Group nor their licensors assume any duty to and do not undertake to update forward-looking assessments.

In addition, Refinitiv and Quod Financial are launching joint research and development to bring to market the future of data-driven trading technology and machine learning. Combining listed infrastructure stocks and bonds can also offer the potential for higher risk-adjusted returns. In the table below, we’ve used different proportions of a debt and equity mix and calculated the returns and volatility of the multi-asset portfolios over the past 10 years. As shown, the various equity-debt combinations demonstrate an improvement in risk-adjusted returns in the multi-asset portfolio compared to single asset fixed income and equity indexes. IHS Markit provides industry-leading data, software and technology platforms and managed services to tackle some of the most difficult challenges in financial markets. IHS Markit helps customers better understand complicated markets, reduce risk, operate more efficiently and comply with financial regulation.

The IHS Markit team of subject matter experts, analysts and consultants offers the actionable intelligence you need to make informed decisions. The fervent global search for alpha is driving those North American trends more quickly to the less mature markets, where more and more of that alpha is being found. This research highlights the proliferation of the sell-side’s new multi-asset approach to trading in North America and the expected acceleration of its typical West-to-East migration from its usual 10 years to as few as five. It is based on an Aite Group quantitative survey and qualitative phone interviews conducted with executives engaged in or managing institutional trading across the globe. OMS solution will deliver automated trading and execution with enhanced analytics across multiple asset classes, leveraging Refinitiv data and networks. Whatever kind of brokerage you choose, B2Broker offers a turnkey solution with Forex, CFD, Cryptocurrency, Metals, Indices, Commodities and ETFs all on one platform.

Diversification benefits are also evident if we look at adding fixed income listed infrastructure within the context of a broader portfolio. As fixed income listed infrastructure is negatively correlated with the broad US equity market, a 50/50 mix of fixed income and equity listed infrastructure reduces the portfolio’s correlation with the Russell 3000 Index from 0.72 to 0.61—illustrating the added diversification benefits of a multi-asset approach. Listed infrastructure equities have historically been shown to offer diversification benefits when added to a broader equity portfolio—and our recent research shows that adding infrastructure bonds https://globalcloudteam.com/ can further enhance diversification. As shown below, daily return correlations between equity and fixed income listed infrastructure have been low during the last 10 years, as have both 12- and 24-month rolling correlations over the past two years—with the exception of the COVID-19 crisis period when correlations rose. This fully managed sell-side OMS solution will provide a complete Front to Middle product offering encompassing Data, FIX and execution networks. With features which include comprehensive pre-trade risk, order routing and order management, algorithmic trading, smart order routing, middle-office, trade reporting, and analytics.

Looking ahead, the reopening story for global markets and a return to mobility collectively point to a continued focus on infrastructure spending. And as of the time of this writing, President Biden has just unveiled a robust $2 trillion infrastructure plan, setting infrastructure spending as a key priority in his administration’s agenda. Listed infrastructure equities also have the potential to serve as an inflation hedge, as infrastructure companies’ revenue streams are often directly linked to inflation. This is notably topical in the current environment, as the massive monetary easing that followed the COVID-19 crisis has put inflation back on investors’ agendas. About Us IHS Markit is the leading source of information and insight in critical areas that shape today’s business landscape. Customers around the world rely on us to address strategic and operational challenges.

Collaboration and partnerships with firms that enhance our trading capabilities is a key pillar of this strategy as we continue to expand our solutions across all segments of the trading workflow and asset classes,” said Rob Kirby, Director of Trading & Real Time Strategic Global Partnerships, Refinitiv. These solutions are not only sought by Forex brokerages, but by other players in the financial industry such as prime brokers, prime of prime brokers, liquidity providers, hedge funds, banks and HFT & prop-traders. A cryptocurrency broker turnkey is one which facilitates trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and vice versa, and provides a platform for clients to store their cryptos. Quod Financial, a Trading Platform provider, specialises in multi-asset trading for FX, equities and derivatives. Our Adaptive Execution Platform is the comprehensive tool to address the tectonic shift in the financial side industry.